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Maine Electoral College delegates split votes

20 December 2016

Though most attention is focused on pushing Trump electors to vote "no confidence", this elector says he is trying to represent the millions who backed Sanders, many of whom were disenfranchised by the outcome of the primary.

On Monday, Maine's four Electoral College Delegates will cast their ballots to officially elect the next president of the United States.

Minnesota, like numerous other states, has what the state calls a "Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act" in place, which forces its electors to vote for president in the same way that the state had.

"Maine also has a law that you're not supposed to go faster than 70 on the interstate", Bright explained. "Many stood in line for hours in order to navigate our byzantine system of caucuses and convention this spring so they could be among the two thirds of Maine Democrats who cast a vote for Sanders".

Bright, an elector from Dixmont, says Hillary Clinton will not win the Electoral College so his vote is a message created to encourage Sanders supporters to stay active in the party. He is one of only two of the 538 electors nationwide who have announced plans to vote for a candidate other than the one who carried his state.

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In the 2016 election, ME had a historic first: it split its Electoral College votes.

"I want them to know that not only can they come back to the process, but that they will be welcomed back; that there is room in the Democratic Party for their values". Bright is taking a risk by defecting from the Clinton collective and casting his ballot for an opponent under the auspices of maintaining party loyalty.

"I had taken an oath to uphold the laws of the state of Maine", Bright, a farmer from Dixmont, said at the state capitol building in Augusta.

Maine Republican Chairman Rick Bennett, who's voting for Trump, said he isn't letting the pressure get to him. That effort is expected to fall short because most of the 306 Republican electors have said that they will vote for Trump today. "But those lessons don't come easily for new voters". Muhammad Abdurrahman was a faithless elector, or at least he tried to be.

"I am joining this national initiative because I am concerned for women, people of color, people that have disabilities and those that are immigrants of this nation", Leigh Horton said. A ME elector voted for Senator Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton, while Minnesota elector was replaced.

Maine Electoral College delegates split votes