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Keeping New Year's Resolutions

04 January 2017

So, we ask. what's your New Year's resolution?

"I was so delighted with myself afterwards", she says. She's not entirely indifferent to the whole process, but at 18, it isn't always easy to think of something she can do better in the new year.

However, some people tell JET 24/FOX 66 they stopped making resolutions because they don't stick to them. This year, I don't know what to do.

That brought a nod from her friend, Tana Lick, who agrees with the goal-setting concept. That's up from 39% past year, but about on par with the percentage who've made resolutions within the last decade.

This time a year ago, the Cork woman (32) vowed to tackle her fear of heights head on to achieve her dream to climb to the base camp of Mt Everest. "After a couple of days, I forget about them", she admitted.

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The match lasted for two sets and the Belgium player won both of them 7-6 (7-4) 6-4. So it's a great way to start the year, get into a good rhythm.

Anna Eggers, 17, doesn't set New Year's resolutions, not believing in the concept of crafting a better self just because a new year is on the calendar.

Being a better person may be an overall more fulfilling prospect, but saving extra cash is on the mids of some key demographics.

First, choose the Resolutions or Pledges that you wish to make public. For instance, your exercise Resolution would be "I'm doing more exercise in 2017". She is also on the fence about the entire resolution process. More than half (51%) of those 45 and younger made resolutions, compared to just 39% of those older than 45. Make it easily communicable, manageable and track able, starting with the wording of the Resolution itself.

Birnbaum says set a time to go to the gym, don't just promise to do it during a busy day.

Keeping New Year's Resolutions