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Pokemon Go grew mobile market by $950m without impacting rivals

20 January 2017

As for the new tracking changes that came with the "Pokemon Go" update, it is believed that the new moves have been introduced for a special reason.

Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS devices.

Niantic has tried to lure fans back through seasonal events, the introduction of new Pokemon such as Ditto, and, as Heavy explained, the removal of the oh-so-common Pidgey and Rattata from the available creatures that can hatch from 2km eggs. As for the total mileage accumulated by users, a video upload by Niantic last month suggests that players have covered more than 4.5 billion miles or 8.7 billion kilometers.

Pokemon Go pulled over $950 million in consumer spending before the end of 2016 according to Gamasutra, with $800 million of that happening within 110 days of release. Today's update nerfs that previous function, and it will likely also affect walking with your buddy as well as hatching eggs.

"Changed distance tracking to better account for Global Positioning System drift".

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GPS Drift is where the satellites tracking your position get a little confused and can't quite work out where you are, which causes your character to jump around or move a little on-screen.

The second bullet point is far more interesting, as Global Positioning System drift has been a significant issue ever since Pokemon Go launched on iOS and Android past year.

Pokemon GO servers appear to be offline and now, it's unclear what is causing the issues with the game, having gone months without a major outage. While the big hitters are increasingly spending huge amounts in advertising to attract new players, Niantic created a game that brought millions of new players into the mobile gaming space.

What's even more exciting than what has been released in the latest update, however, is what the team over at The Silph Road has uncovered through some extensive data mining.

For one, the winter months in many parts of the world make it oftentimes hard, or even impossible for players to step outside and walk.