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PS4's New Update Adds PS4 Pro Enhancements For Unpatched Games

04 February 2017

It's as simple as plugging in a USB 3.0 hard drive into the console, so anyone can easily add more space to their system without having to do anything complicated. Software can be downloaded and installed directly onto external storage, and the saved contents can be managed through the settings menu.

Another noteworthy feature coming in update 4.50 is the ability to use custom wallpapers on your homescreen.

As you may know, in the last system update we overhauled the PS4 Quick Menu feature (the menu that appears after a long press of the PS button on DualShock 4). If you intend to expand your PS4 storage with an external hard drive, you may want to start hunting for deals now.

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Sony is giving gamers one feature that's been highly requested since practically the release of the PlayStation 4 and that's external HDD support.

If you own the PlayStation 4 then chances are you're aware a new major update is slated to launch shortly. Unlike the Xbox One S, which can produce slightly improved performance than on a standard Xbox One, games don't play any better on a Pro without an update. Now users will be able to set their favourite in-game screenshot as the background image of the home screen. The ballooning size of new game releases means a large library can fill the PS4's HDD, forcing the deletion of older titles to make way for new ones.

You'll be able to watch 3D Blu-ray movies in stereoscopic 3D on your PSVR headset. Because, let's face it, our 3D Blu-Rays were just gathering dust beforehand. Sony introduced the quick menu feature with firmware 4.0 and this update will bring some additional improvements to make it more accessible. With the upcoming 4.50 update, players can rest easy, knowing there's less chance of them accidentally destroying something for the sake of convenience. There will be a new option available to post all sorts of different things such as text, screenshots and gif-files straight to the activity feed, which gives it a more Facebookesque feeling.

PS4's New Update Adds PS4 Pro Enhancements For Unpatched Games