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Final Fantasy XV Regained Its Development Costs Within a Day of Release

08 February 2017

When Square Enix announced the DLC release schedule for Final Fantasy 15, fans of Ignis were probably disappointed- while Prompto and Gladiolus will both be getting their DLC episodes within the next six months, Ignis' DLC episode is nowhere in sight. We're talking the multi-millions, folks - perhaps the most expensive game in the company's history (and that's including the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts III even). And it [the game] did not appear. According to Gematsu's translation of the interview, Hazama said the console port didn't now have "enough value" to warrant showing anything to the public. However, the focus of the game is battles and that has not changed.

Kujiraoka would go on to acknowledge the demand for the game in the West and even the notice it gets from the esports crowd. "If that happens, then next will be a global tournament, right?"

Final Fantasy XV covered all of its development costs within the first day of launch.

The PSP version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, however, features one-on-one matches. As for now it's great to see that there are game engines out there that have the potential of bringing even more realism to upcoming or even today's games. In fact, the content that we find in this version are the same as we had already enjoyed on iOS and Android devices.

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But that doesn't mean the console version isn't still on its way.

Please, the rest of the world is waiting.

Final Fantasy is one of those game franchises that exist since decades. "We're going to continue running at full speed and are taking on various challenges, so please support us this year as well!" Mobius Final Fantasy isn't a very taxing game, and yet, it does look pretty decent on the PC all things considered.