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Report says more than 1900 bridges in OH are 'structurally deficient'

16 February 2017

A new report from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association finds that more than 55,000 bridges in the US including 900 in Texas are considered structurally deficient, which means one or more of their key structural components is considered to be in poor condition or worse.

The inventory of structurally deficient bridges has declined 0.5 percent since the 2015 report.

Being declared "structurally deficient" doesn't mean a bridge is about to fall down. The analysis of federal data by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association found about 1,900 structurally deficient bridges are on interstate highways. After some calculations, it said it discovered cars, trucks, and school buses cross these bridges 185 million times a day. The data also reveals 13,000 bridges that require widening, replacement, or major reconstruction work. MI has 1,234 (11 percent) of its bridges that fall into that category.

"Those are bridges that really connect our economy so the issues and the challenges that they're facing in the country, at least on that freight network, have an impact on getting goods from state to state and for businesses", said Black.

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Black says state and local transportation departments lack the resources to keep up with bridge repairs. While the bridges might not be immediately unsafe, ARTBA says they do need attention.

MI ranks 16th in the nation when it comes to the number of structurally deficient bridges. Pennsylvania landed the number two spot with 4,506 structurally deficient bridges, or 19.8 percent of their total bridges. Meanwhile, the District of Columbia had the least with 9 comprised bridges, followed by Nevada with 31 and DE with 43.

The five states with the most deficient bridges are Iowa with 4,968, Pennsylvania with 4,506, Oklahoma with 3,460, Missouri with 3,195 and Nebraska with 2,361.