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"Ultra Street Fighter II" Introduces First-Person Mode on Switch

16 February 2017

So far we've seen games like ARMS fully leverage the JoyCons in innovative new ways, tracking gamers' punches and movements and mirroring them in-game, but Ultra Street Fighter II will do the same with its first-person mode.

The title, which is a new version of Street Fighter 2, will feature two new characters in the form of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, and will also add a new game mode for 2-versus-1 fights inspired by Street Fighter Alpha's Dramatic Battle mode.

With its built-in accelerometer and gyroscopic tracking, the Nintendo Switch's new JoyCon controllers are essentially mini Wiimotes that can be detached from the Switch tablet.

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Several retailers have started displaying game boxes in Japan, and among these is Capcom's upcoming "Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers". This will not be a first-person fighting perspective a la Super Punchout, but rather something similar to a rail shooter specialized for the Joy-Con controllers. Unfortunately, other details are not known, in addition it was pointed out that the box also shows the presence of an artwork gallery in high resolution with over 250 pages of illustrations drawn from the main episodes of the series.

Capcom has just released the first footage of Ultra Street Fighter II's first-person mode and it's quite interactive. "Ha'DO'ken." Based on the corresponding screenshot, the mode looks to be a timed, combo-based fight against multiple Shadaloo soldiers. The report notes that the box also contains a logo for the MT Framework engine.

Currently, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Chapter is still without a release date.