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Zuckerberg envisions Facebook as a 'global community'

21 February 2017

Where Facebook had once been merely a place to post pictures and share links, the platform quickly transformed into ground zero of an information war.

Take the matter of how Facebook treats news and the media.

Last year, Facebook came under fire amid accusations that fake stories on the social network helped Donald Trump win the USA presidential election. On Thursday, he published a 6,000-word "manifesto" in defense of both Facebook and its underlying mission to connect the world, open digital borders, and knock down the walls between people across the globe.

Finally, Zuckerberg said Facebook wants to build a more inclusive community that brings its users into the decision-making process for the social network.

"In times like these, the most important thing we at Facebook can do is develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us", he wrote.

If you're curious to read Zuckerberg's full letter, you can find it on his Facebook page. "Every year, the world got more connected and this was seen as a positive trend", Zuckerberg wrote.

The anti-globalization movement has taken hold in other countries as well, with the United Kingdom voting to withdraw from the European Union and rightist Marine LePen showing a strong chance of becoming France's next president.

Facebook cares about getting people together in the physical world, not just on the internet.

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"I worry about these and we have studied them extensively, but I also worry there are even more powerful effects we must mitigate around sensationalism and polarisation, leading to a loss of common understanding".

"These communities don't just interact online".

Since, Zuckerberg has attempted to stem the flow of fake news by fine-tuning Facebook's algorithm.

Since its inception Facebook has been evolving non-stop. The company eventually introduced new features to fight misinformation, though by December, it was too little, too late.

Propaganda is not the only fake news problem Facebook has been dealing with, and Zuckerberg also noted in his letter that the social network is going to focus on building better-informed communities. "We hope to begin handling some of these cases in 2017, but others will not be possible for many years", he wrote.

Of course, as with any post by Zuckerberg, many users took the letter as an opportunity to voice their complaints about Facebook, including concerns with privacy and censorship. But as it's expanded, it's struggled to balance the responsibilities that are required of an influential social-media company to operate at such scale and to serve so many people.

One part of the document focused on how the company's artificial intelligence capabilities could be used to help detect propaganda from extremist or terrorist groups.

Zuckerberg envisions Facebook as a 'global community'