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Microsoft aims to reshape India digitally

24 February 2017

Skype Lite is an offering for mobile-first and mobile-only markets, and the App allows communication and collaboration over low-bandwidth networks, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said.

Interestingly, Microsoft announced that both Skype Lite and LinkedIn will integrate with Aadhaar, India's very big biometric identity scheme.

To make it easier for a user to differentiate between important and junk SMSs, Microsoft has used the artificial intelligence (AI) that segregates normal text messages, Skype messages and promotional texts under three different categories. It also launched a lighter version of Skype - Skype Lite. The other person will be prompted to enter their 12-digit unique Aadhaar number and a one time password they received on their phone. For now, interested users can give it a shot by downloading Skype Lite for Android using the APK mirror.

Skype Lite is now available to download from the Play Store. Skype lite, which went live on the Google Play store earlier in the day, was developed by Microsoft's Research lab in Hyderabad and is now on available for Android smartphones in India. What makes the Skype Lite even more useful is that it provides a tool that tracks data usage, helpful for those on a prepaid plan to monitor where their valuable MBs are going.

The inclusion of bots is another new feature. Skype Lite is available in 7 languages namely Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, and Bengali. Microsoft introduces the dark theme for this app for users to work in the night without straining the eyes. Also, the new app is created to run on old or low-end Android devices without consuming too much memory or processing power.

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If we focus on some of the features highlighted by the application, Skype Lite weighs only 13MB, which will facilitate their download in those areas where download speeds are not what we are accustomed. According to the official website, this use of India's database will enable Skype users to verify the identity of unknown callers in a variety of situations where identification verification is required, including job interviews and goods and property sale.

"Skype helps people bring them closer together".

The Skype app for Android isn't great - it's often slow, with somewhat-awful call quality and the occasional crash.

The app seems quite promising and effective for markets like India where poor internet connectivity is still a major concern no matter what telecom operators claim for their network reach.