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DeVos opposed undoing transgender protections

26 February 2017

MeEnany also brought up DeVos" Senate experience saying she was "appalled by the way Sen. It was unclear which way Trump would lean on this hot button issue, but ultimately he made a decision to side with the more conservative members of his party by ruling to rescind the protections in place for transgender students on Wednesday evening.

She said the guidance was "one-size fits all" and "top-down", adding her approach is to put as much control as possible into state, local and parental hands. Our traditional public schools are open to all of our children while the private schools to which DeVos contributes and for which she constantly advocates often turn away certain groups of students, like special education children.

"I want to return power to education back where to belongs: to parents, communities and state", she told a supportive audience.

The ACLU, which is defending transgender teenager Gavin Grimm in the Supreme Court case, has said repeatedly that protecting transgender students under Title IX is a civil rights issue and as such is the responsibility of the federal government.

These young people are the reason why I'm sponsoring legislation called The Repay Act, which would ensure that students don't have to pay more than 15 percent of their take-home pay each month on student loans. But aside from the ugliness of the policy itself, there was a fascinating political subplot to the whole saga: Education secretary Betsy DeVos nearly held up the whole process.

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The education establishment and defenders of the status quo will do whatever it takes to protect their interests and block new innovation, DeVos said.

The public school system is a monopoly for most parents.

Sam Malekan, a third-year history student and co-director of student services for the Financial Support Commission at UCLA, said he is concerned about having a Secretary of Education who has never applied for financial support herself. However, under pressure from Sessions and Donald Trump, DeVos has agreed to the move, as she was unwilling to either resign or go against the president, but she and Sessions reportedly still have differences over the language of the directive that will reverse the previous one, according to the paper. She did not discuss the Education Department's role in fostering a climate of censorship via guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, which has stepped up anti-harassment measures over the last five years.

DeVos did not touch upon the transgender rights issue specifically until she was seated across from McEnany, who immediately asked the Education Secretary about Wednesday's reports. Her party hasn't always been favorable to such rights, though Trump and some Republicans have indicated a willingness to support some of them. "With test scores it's more a mixed bag, but if you look at graduation and college persistence rate the outcomes are better".

So, on to the optimist side of the Betsy DeVos' appointment: She is a strong supporter of charter schools and vouchers; this does not mean that bulldozers are coming to knock down Manatee High. After all, more than half of America's students now qualify for free and reduced-price meals, a common marker of poverty, and schools will be stretched to meet their needs both inside and outside the classroom.

DeVos opposed undoing transgender protections