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IPhone 8 to get OLED screen and USB Type-C?

01 March 2017

Why the change? The biggest difference between USB-C and Lightning is the former's ability to charge a device in minutes, not hours. Reiterating previous reports, sources tell the WSJ that Apple plans to release three iPhone models this year.

A USB-C cable can handle power, data and video on a single cable with a single connector.

Apple is expected to ditch the Lightning connector from the next-generation iPhone, believed to be the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

The iPhone ditching the Lightning connector for a USB-C connection - the mobile industry standard - would come out of left field for Apple. Of course, it's also possible that Apple is simply prototyping a USB-C iPhone model and will ultimately decide to stick with Lightning. The idea that Apple would drop its long running charging standard in favor of something more ubiquitous is interesting though, to say the least. The MacBook range, however, never featured a lightning connector in the first place. Even with that in mind, the number of Lightning-based accessories has only grown in recent years, which may make Apple hesitant to switch away.

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But The Wall Street Journal also confirms the growing consensus that the phone will likely go on sale for around $1,000 - meaning we'll likely see a $999 iPhone on store shelves by fall - or maybe more if higher storage options are also available (which they nearly assuredly will be). This means that Apple would create a new division in its iPhone line, opening up the scope for new peripherals and apps, but also causing confusion and frustration by throwing a new port into the mix. But, then Apple's new-found love for C-Type isn't also a secret anymore. Hence, expect the display screen on iPhone 8 to look unlike anything ever experienced on its predecessors. This would be the most Samsung-y move Apple has ever made.

Fans of the iPhone have been reacting angrily to rumours that they may once again be forced into buying new accessories when they upgrade.

After giving up on the headphone port for Lightning, is Apple ready to replace the iPhone connector with USB-C?