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Microsoft confirms two major Windows 10 updates coming in 2017

01 March 2017

Microsoft contends that installing apps from the Windows Store, which are properly vetted, provides a more secure app environment for consumers.

The Win32 installation blocking feature is expected to be released along with Windows 10 Creators Update. Tim Sweeney of Epic Games tweeted that the upgrade is proof of Microsoft disguising their "anti-competitive, anti-user store practices" as user protection.

It's been discovered (via MSPoweruser) that Microsoft will be adding a feature to Windows 10 as a part of the Creators Update which Apple macOS users have enjoyed for quite some time: the ability to block installations of desktop apps that don't come from the built-in app store.

Currently, the feature is tucked away under the Apps and Features settings and needs to be enabled for the prompt to appear. You do not need to change any settings other than this one to get started.

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As seen above, the first of the two app settings options will block non-Windows Store apps, but will also allow for the user to install with an "install anyway" button if there is no Windows Store version of the app available.

The feature is an upside for parents who want to prevent their children from installing potentially malicious apps.

Powered by Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 835 processor, and featuring the latest technologies like gigabit LTE and Bluetooth 5, unfortunately they would not be super low-cost, with Kressin saying the cellular PCs will be priced at a "sweet spot".

Kressin also hoped that their Snapdragon 835 processor would end up in Windows Holographic headsets, though there were no solid plans for this yet. Windows Insiders can earn badges for various Bug Bash achievements that they can show off to fellow participants and generally feel like they are directly participating in Windows 10's development. They can also have a disk cleanup that removes old files and apps that choke the RAM. Share your thoughts below!