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Analyst says all 2017 iPhones to feature Lightning ports and fast charging

03 March 2017

The iPhone 8 may also ditch the traditional home button per the publication's anonymous sources.

In Apple's latest laptops, the MacBook and MacBook Pro, they've all been replaced by USB-C ports - a move that a year ago prompted an outcry from Mac users annoyed that they would need new cables and dongles to connect older hardware. So chances are the Lightning connector will not be there.

As such, users considering to buy a new smartphone would be better off waiting a few month for the new device which is expected to come out in September this year. All the things that iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 couldn't have, the iPhone 8 will get them.

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The latest assertions are in line with older rumors which suggested that the one of the models of the iPhone 8 will ditch the LCD panel in favor of OLED. Only the latter version will feature the anticipated OLED display. However, going by the Wall Street Journal's accurate predictions on Apple, it may be safe to say that the USB-C ports are indeed in contention and will replace the Lightning port. But due to the rumored technologically advanced features, the upcoming iPhone 8 is believed to be worth at least $1,000 or higher.

Another example is the 30-pin connector that matched the iPod's which was wider than the Lightning port used by iPhones now. It will have the same type of connector on Mac and other iOS devices. Kuo repeatedly said Apple would adopt an All-glass design and the wireless charging.

iPhone 8 Ditching Lightning Connector For USB-C? Well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities put a different spin on the report, as he believes it's not an either/or situation, but one of both... sort of. Three phones are thought to be in development using 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch form factors. Kuo says, with the new iPhone 8 of display size 5.8 inches, the available area is will be 5.15 inches.