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'Logan' characters should live on in movies, says Hugh Jackman

03 March 2017

Logan has always been the angriest of the X-Men, but here he has a chance to redeem himself (again), to save Laura but in some ways save Charles and himself, too.

Speaking at a press conference in Sao Paulo, in Brazil, he said: "I love Wolverine".

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To this, Hugh replied, "I think I'll be fine with it". It's Wolvie's key catch phrase, but after seeing it play out on screen, I think it was better left as just words. "May be Shah Rukh Khan could play it". If this is indeed Jackman's last Wolverine film, he's going out in heartfelt, high-class style. Yet Jackman became the movie's breakout star, and over the past 17 years he has made Wolverine his in a way no other actor of the modern superhero era has done with a role. My personal favorite is X-Men: First Class, but overall I find the so-called "good" contributions to be pretty average or to have not aged gracefully-and yes, I'm including X2 and Days Of Future Past in that sentiment. Stan Lee created the X-Men, but Chris Claremont helped make them into the characters we know today.

The "old man" approach, in a distant, nearly mutant-less future where Wolverine finally is starting to show signs of aging, helps counteract the one thing that always makes Wolverine movies so hard to plot: his near invulnerability from constantly healing. I told him I am in. Her entire existence is genetically linked to Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Wolverine, who is still a hero of hers, much to Logan's bitter chagrin. We see the damage Logan's claws cause, the nearly unimaginable carnage. King Khan back then had said, "I have seen a lot of Hugh's films and also his work on TV". Even though Mangold wasn't happy with the finished product, The Wolverine was a much improved title, so when it came to directing a third chapter in #HughJackman's solo films, Mangold was clearly the right choice. It is the third in the Wolverine series including "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" shown in 2009 and "The Wolverine" shown in 2013. The role will be played by the 11-year-old Dafne Keen.