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Microsoft To Bring Mixed Reality To Xbox One, Project Scorpio In 2018

03 March 2017

It looks more like a VR headset in design, with an attached cable, but still has AR abilities.

Microsoft announced previous year that it would be partnering with a number of device makers to create virtual-reality headsets that would pair with Windows 10 PCs running the Windows Holographic shell. This is a little different from Microsoft's Hololens, as that doesn't require a PC connection and uses on board processing. Gesture tracking, another key pillar of the HoloLens experience, is also missing from the Acer HMD.

Microsoft's budget Windows mixed reality headsets will reach developers by end of the month. Nonetheless, they will have an Acer prototype headset and will also allow access to Windows 10 Insider preview. While Microsoft's VR headsets are strictly for the PC for now, the company confirmed that the mixed reality experiences are coming to Xbox family in 2018, as well as the next-gen of Project Scorpio in 2018.

The company revealed its Acer Windows Mixed Reality developer edition headset at GDC 2017 Wednesday. Developers can use the high-fidelity headset while creating their mixed reality experiences.

"Windows Mixed Reality" is Microsoft's new name for the "Windows Holographic" platform, but the technology is more generally known as augmented reality.

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Microsoft is forging ahead with its mixed reality project as it now partners with Acer in bringing developers a mixed reality headset.

But as Microsoft's own demo showed us this week, an opaque, VR-style headset can make a lot more sense for a lot more software as of today. These same headsets will also work on the Xbox One and Project Scorpio consoles as well.

The Acer-built developer kit has two LCD screens at a resolution of 1440×1440 pixels and a 90Hz refresh rate.

In the meanwhile, as we saw firsthand, users will already be able to stream existing, flatscreen Xbox One games to the headset and play them in their own personal theater.

Microsoft To Bring Mixed Reality To Xbox One, Project Scorpio In 2018