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You're going to be obsessed with Lorde's new single "Green Light"

03 March 2017

She also unveiled a clip of the song's video, directed by Grant Singer, on her new website, which features Lorde dancing in a club to a snippet of the upbeat dance-pop track.

Pop superstar Lorde is back with an fantastic new video - "Green Light". It's also the first song from her upcoming second album "Melodrama", which has been produced and co-written by Bleachers singer and fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff.

Structurally and thematically complex, Green Light isn't as immediate as previous Lorde singles like Royals and Yellow Flicker Beat.

It can't have been easy for Lorde to hold onto her weird over these past few years.

Lorde is so ruthless, "Green Light" makes Taylor Swift look like a Care Bear: "Did it frighten you/how we kissed when we danced on the light-up floor?"

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One of the windows had the words "I do my makeup in someone else's car" displayed, leading many to guess they were part of the lyrics to one of Lorde's new songs.

We give this song the green light!

The single itself lyrically touches on betrayal ("I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth/She thinks you love the beach, you're such a damn liar")-perhaps the heartbreak Lorde alluded to in a Facebook post in November.

"I moved out of home and all of a sudden I was kind of figuring out 'Who am I when I'm alone?"

"'Green Light' might be about parting ways with a significant other, but its creator makes it sound like the most freeing experience of all time; a rush of overwhelming, giddy feeling and a fresh possibility of being able to do anything". You go through the thing and it's so very bad and you just wish you could let go. Whoever thought Lorde couldn't top her energetic and incomparable debut album clearly thought wrong. "Green Light" has a much more pop/EDM-type sound to it than Lorde's previous music, which is a super exciting change.

You're going to be obsessed with Lorde's new single