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Subway says new study proves its chicken is chicken

04 March 2017

"Our chicken is 100 percent white meat with seasonings, marinated and delivered to our stores as a finished, cooked product".

"Test results from laboratories in Canada and the US clearly show that the Canadian chicken products tested had only trace amounts of soy, contradicting the accusations made during the broadcast of CBC Marketplace", Subway representatives said in a news release.

The popular fast food chain's yummy chicken strips contained only 42.8 percent chicken.

The sandwich chain enjoys a loyal following of clients wanting healthy-ish fast meals, but a recent investigation by CBC's Marketplace revealed that the chicken used in Subway's sandwiches is only 50 percent chicken. The majority of the remaining DNA was that of soy protein.

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On Wednesday, a Subway spokesperson more emphatically rejected the CBC's claims.

"Subway has shared the results of the independent tests with "Marketplace" and the lab that conducted the flawed test". In two independent lab tests, researchers found that the other alleged primary ingredient-soy-made up less than 1% of the sample, according to a statement from Subway. These findings are consistent with the low levels of soy protein that we add with the spices and marinade to help keep the products moist and flavorful.

"I do not think Subway should be scrutinized without another lab validating the results of this study as the standard operating protocols and analysis must be clearly defined, reproducible and statistically accurate without any error due to lab personnel, instruments or improper experimental design", he said. However the ingredient list it forwarded to CBC News lists soy protein as a constituent of the chicken.

CBC stood by its test results, posting the six page report for all to see on its site. A&W's Chicken Grill Deluxe contained an average of 89.4 percent chicken DNA; McDonald's Country Chicken Grilled, 84.9 percent; Tim Hortons' Chipotle Chicken Grilled Wrap, 86.5 percent; and Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich, 88.5 percent.

Subway says new study proves its chicken is chicken