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Logan Slices To The Top Of The Box Office Weekend

07 March 2017

It's the end of the road for mutants in Logan, the final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman.

Logan is the 10th installment in the X-Men series.

There is just something special about Jackman as Wolverine and the struggles he has endured through all of the movies over the past seventeen years.

As for director James Mangold, here's why he chose to not include the flashback scene: "I wanted to make a movie less about information and more about character".

"Logan" gives us one of the most emotional plots in the history of the superhero genre. But they involved existing Marvel characters.

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It's interesting to think about how things might have played out differently, though, had a deleted scene featuring a flashback to the X-Mansion been included in the final movie. And while James McAvoy now portrays the character of Charles Xavier in the revamped younger version of the X-Men, no one has been selected to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is one of the best human beings. But it will certainly be a while before people forget the nearly 2 decades in which Jackman so effectively played the role. "A billion people, you know and it means so much to so many people".

Logan was released in North American theaters on March 3, 2017.

"I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice", the very catch phrase which introduced the legend in making back then, Logan aka Wolverine.

But Logan's quantum of solace takes a downward trajectory when a desperate, in need nurse runs into him. But he says he wanted to craft a film that honoured Wolverine's comic book roots. Some are saying that 20th Century Fox should focus their energy on building a franchise around Dafne Keen and X-23 rather than push to find a new Wolverine.

Far from the first superhero movie to include adult content, the Ryan Reynolds movie's success nonetheless encouraged studios to release other comic book adaptations made for more mature audiences.

Logan Slices To The Top Of The Box Office Weekend