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Google acquires Kaggle in data science drive

10 March 2017

"Google has a long history working with the largest media companies in the world, and we help them find value from unstructured data like video", Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of AI and machine learning at Google Cloud, wrote in a blog post. And that's why, just by typing "dog", "boat" or any other term in the search engine, shows us pictures with those elements.

Rackspace has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to become its first managed services support partner. The team that handles the data science platform will be joining their new colleagues at the Google Cloud division, where their coveted skills will be put to use for the company's machine learning training and deployment services efforts, in addition to dataset storage and query technologies. This is because right now it is enterprise-centric deep learning feature built on frameworks which will help firms to look into their stored videos and extract metadata.

It's not hard to imagine the API also being tapped to better target advertisements based on user video interactions and product searches, as is the case with Google's other search products. The Chocolate Factory notes that even with the Google Apps team pitching in, it can not support all of the customers it hopes to bring over to Cloud, so it is asking for some help.

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As part of this event, which drew an estimated 10,000 Google developers, customers, would-be customers and company employees to San Francisco's Moscone Center, Google announced also announced that SAP (sap), arguably the leading provider of financial, manufacturing, and travel services software used by big companies, will offer its HANA database on the Google Cloud Platform. In another demo, the presenter searched for "beach" and was presented with multiple videos that included beach scenes.

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"The strategic relationship with Google is an exciting launch that addresses a growing market need", said Patrick Lee, general manager of the Google business at Rackspace.

Machine learning and AI will be a key tool in Google's box as it looks to grow its cloud capabilities and differentiate itself from its larger competitors. These technologies will make a difference in self-driving cars and healthcare, sure, but also Snapchat's filters and Google Photos' search capabilities. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, said the company has spent $30 billion on its cloud strategy, and urged enterprises and developers to come aboard.

Finally, Google's Cloud Datalab interactive data science workflow tool is now generally available. "This is an incredibly serious mission - something I've wanted to do since I started at the company 17 years ago".

GCP's Director of Engineering Support, Benjamin Smith noted that the partnership will play to the strengths of both companies. Please don't attempt to duplicate this.

Google acquires Kaggle in data science drive