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Hawaiian Airlines plane diverts to Los Angeles over blanket incident

10 March 2017

He asked for a blanket and was told it would cost $12, the officer said.

Hawaiian Airlines charge for many products including for blankets, but the unruly customer claimed he should not be forced to pay because of how cold he was.

A Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu was diverted to Los Angeles on Wednesday when a passenger became irate after being told he had to pay $12 for a blanket.

The man caught another flight to Hawaii on Thursday, Pedregon said.

No crime had been committed, police added. The man was not charged with any offense and boarded another flight.

The man asked crew members for the number to corporate.

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But, she said, "I think it's important to put ourselves in the position of the captain, who is in the cockpit about to begin a five-hour flight over the Pacific, when he or she is informed of an issue in the back of the plane".

Airport officers met the aircraft at the gate and conducted an investigation with the FBI. The flight attendant said the cabin was "on secured lock-down".

Passenger Claudia Rodriguez, a Dallas resident, said the airline did not provide much information during the incident.

The man was reportedly allowed to fly to Hawaii with another airline on a later flight.

"I thought it was ridiculous", Eileen Berstrom, another passenger, told CBS News.

George Enriques, a Maui-bound passenger aboard Hawaiian Airlines flight 7, was sitting across the aisle from the elderly, male passenger in seat 42A who was escorted off of the plane. "First of all, it costs $12,000 for them to land here, and it's a $12 blanket".