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New Michael Brown video raises questions

14 March 2017

That was evident after a former Ferguson police chief released surveillance footage of Brown allegedly committing strong armed robbery of a convenience store in the hours that preceded his confrontation with Darren Wilson, the Ferguson officer who was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing in the teen's death.

When 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, police officers shared a video showing Brown with his hands around a shopkeeper's neck as he makes off with a carton of cigarillos.

The article focused on how the footage contradicts the police statement that Brown committed a store robbery, writing that "a new documentary is raising new questions about what happened in the hours before the shooting on August 9, 2014".

Multiple arrests have been made after shots were fired at protests in Ferguson which erupted after a new video disputed police statements about the shooting of Michael Brown.

Officials have insisted that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, feared for his life and acted appropriately when he shot and killed the teenager.

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The footage of the alleged robbery showed Brown entering the market, walking up to the counter and then reaching for some cigarillos, leaving the store with a handful of them and pushing aside the clerk who tries to top him. The teen starts to walk away with them but then comes back and hands them back to one of the clerks to returns them to behind the counter.

A St. Louis prosecutor in the Michael Brown shooting has slammed newly released video from a filmmaker who says the clip shows authorities "were trying to trick us". No agreement. Those folks didn't sell him cigarrillos for pot. Wilson described Brown as having an angry and intense expression, the Monitor previously reported.

Kanzler says the video used in the documentary was edited. Police have declined to say if the video was authentic, but have said any additional videos not already public were irrelevant to their investigation. "Brown and the store employees and to suggest he's coming back to get what he bartered for is just stupid".

"They destroyed Michael's character with the tape, and they didn't show us what actually happened", Mr Pollock told the New York Times. It may have caused Officer Wilson to back up his auto and, potentially, question or even arrest Brown.

Jay Kanzler, an attorney for the convenience store and its employees, told the Times that his clients dispute the film's version of events. Stranger Fruit debuted at the SXSW Film Festival on Saturday night (March 11). He talks to the store workers, then gives the bag to a clerk and leaves without it. "The reason he gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they wanted it back", Kanzler told the newspaper. He said Ferguson police had handled the incident at the store while county police primarily focused on investigating the shooting. Brown's parents have filed a federal lawsuit against Wilson and the city of Ferguson; the civil trial is slated to begin next year.

New Michael Brown video raises questions