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Sara Connor jailed in Bali, Turnbull's Victorian headache

14 March 2017

She was found guilty of fatal assault in company, with Chief Judge Made Pasek rejecting Connor's claim that all she did was separate her British boyfriend David Taylor and Wayan Sudarsa on the night of the deadly fight.

Sara Connor, 46, was found guilty of "group assault" and given four years' in the slammer, while her partner, David Taylor, 34, was found guilty of group assault and sentenced to six years behind bars, ABC News reported Monday.

Taylor then became involved in a confrontation with on-duty Sudarsa when he accused him of stealing Connor's handbag and of being a fake policeman. She said she had only tried to separate the men when they fought.

Her British DJ boyfriend, David James Taylor, was convicted of the same offence and jailed for six years.

During their four-month trials, Taylor claimed he had been acting in self defence, saying he "feared for his life".

Ms Connor said she would consult with her lawyers as to whether she will appeal the sentence.

Taylor's parents, John and Janet Taylor, were present at the trial. Mr Purnomo said that Taylor attempted to frisk the officer and offended, the officer pushed Taylor onto the sand.

The judge told the court Taylor had been "legitimately and convincingly proven guilty" of group assault causing death.

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Sudarsa was found dead on Kuta Beach, a popular location for backpackers, with 42 wounds to his body, including more than a dozen to his head and neck.

"It seems she doesn't accept the sentence, but has not yet decided whether to appeal", Siregar said. It was clear, he said, the pair had not meant to kill the police officer.

Australian national Sara Connor, right, reacts during her verdict trial in Bali, Indonesia, Monday, March 13, 2017.

Prosecutors do not want the court to press ahead with the murder charge, conceding that the attack on Mr Sudarsa lacked an intent to kill.

Taylor has since written a letter to Ketut Arsini, the widow of the slain police officer.

Connor has always maintained her only role was in trying to break up the fight and launching herself between the two brawling men.

Ms Connor admitted to being in possession of Mr Sudarsa's identity cards and cutting them up after the incident.

Sara Connor jailed in Bali, Turnbull's Victorian headache