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People pelted with boiling rocks as Mount Etna erupts

17 March 2017

Morelle said the explosion caused head injuries, burns, cuts and bruises, adding that one volcanologist had told her it was the most risky incident he had experienced in a 30-year career.

The news outlet added that six of the injured people had already been sent to the hospitals of Catania and Acireale cities. "Volcanologist said most unsafe incident experience in his 30-year career".

She reported an estimated eight people suffered head injuries, burns, cuts and bruises.

Snow-covered Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, has been spewing lava in recent days.

Volcanologists later said the eruptive phase was "diminishing", the Mirror of the United Kingdom reported.

A BBC journalist and camera crew were caught in the huge explosion on Thursday.

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Volcanologist Boris Behncke, part of the expedition, also received minor injuries to his head during what he described as a "violent explosion". She said the experience was extremely scary.

At least 10 people were injured in a powerful explosion of Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy Thursday.

Officials at Sicily's Catania airport announced they would reduce arrivals by half to five flights an hour, due to ash clouds.

Ten people were reported injured when the highly volatile volcano erupted and spewed clusters of the volcanic rock onto those below.

It is Europe's most active volcano and one of the most risky in the world.

There are teams of experts and guides who are familiar with the terrain and understand what is safe, and what isn't - the same applied to the crew and group of tourists at the site.

People pelted with boiling rocks as Mount Etna erupts