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Trump Orders Review on Fuel-Efficiency Standards

17 March 2017

'We're going to use the full economic powers of our country to protect our workers and protect our jobs, ' the president said, and to 'stop the jobs from leaving our country'. The Trump administration is now taking aim at the rules covering model years 2022 through 2025. If the EPA determines they are not appropriate, the agency will submit a new proposal next year.

"We're going to work on the CAFE standards, so you can make cars in America again", Trump told an audience at the American Center for Mobility.

That was why a group of 18 automakers, from giants like General Motors and Ford to tiny Aston Martin, sent a letter to the Trump administration late last month asking for a review of the requirements.

California Gov. Jerry Brown goes after EPA Director Scott Pruitt over Trump decision to relax fuel efficiency standards.

Thirteen other states have adopted California rules that account for about 40 percent of USA vehicle sales. The administration official did not rule out a potential effort to restrict California's authority at a future date but said the White House hoped to work collaboratively with the state on the review.

But foreign enterprises have a role in this new paradigm, Trump said.

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At the meeting today, Trump said that he is open to relaxing the fuel consumption restrictions if it shows that they could make more "great cars" and "save jobs".

The EPA had to file its midterm review this year and they rushed it to confirm the standards before Trump took over in January.

Originally, regulators mandated that automakers achieve an average 54.5 mpg by 2025, but they relaxed that target to between 50.8 mpg and 52.6 mpg past year.

The official called the previous administration's process "very short-circuited", and accused those regulators of ignoring "a voluminous record of data" about the shortcomings of the standards.

The Trump administration's review should lead to a redoubling of the nation's commitment to pursuing those benefits. First, those tougher fuel economy standards would reduce the looming threat of global warming by reducing the volume of heat-trapping gases emitted from tailpipes. Trump also wants to renegotiate NAFTA, which includes Canada and Mexico, but he did not mention those plans in Wednesday's remarks. "The assault on the American auto industry is over", he said.

But White House officials also admit they have not examined what impact the move may have on exports. Vehicle companies, like all other companies, are in business to make a profit - so if they can get away with cutting costs, they will in order to be competitive in their industry. Even if it does, the National Highway Transportation Safety Commission estimates that the 2025 standard would save consumers $170 billion over the lifetime of vehicles that meet the target - an 8-to-1 cost-benefit ratio.

Trump Orders Review on Fuel-Efficiency Standards