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Netflix testing out a "Skip Intro" feature to enable smoother binging

20 March 2017

Naturally, TV fanatics - who aren't interested in cheesy theme songs or cast and crew credits - are thrilled about the skip intro button and have expressed their excitement via social media.

Netflix has added another fantastic feature to its arsenal, as it officially added a skip button feature to its interface that will allow users to skip the opening sequence of a show. It seems many users are now seeing the feature - it isn't clear how widespread it is at this time, but it appears to have been rolling out in greater numbers over the past couple weeks. So far, the button has only been seen on the web version of Netflix. Netflix has yet to make an official announcement on the new feature.

'We're finding these clusters of people and then we're figuring out who is like you, who enjoys these kinds of things, and then we're mixing and matching those, ' Mr Yellin said.

An example of that is the season 2 opener for Sherlock features a crucial cold open, but if you binge watch it, it takes the viewer to directly after the title sequence, resulting in confusion.

The "skip intro" option may not be the cat's pajamas for every viewer, especially for those binge-watching "The Office".

Netflix is constantly trying to improve user experience on the streaming platform, always experimenting with different features.

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The show applies to a number of hit Netflix shows such as House of Cards and Jessica Jones.

This week, the 5-star rating system was removed from the service in exchange for a "thumbs up- thumbs down" rating.

In this golden age of television, the opening credits of your favourite shows have become an art form of their own.

Netflix has already tested its new ratings system on a select number of users.

Stop judging, Netflix! You can't have it both ways!

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