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Pakistan joins world community today observing Earth Hour

26 March 2017

Join the global Earth Hour switch off on March 25.

In 2017, iconic buildings in more than 172 countries will switch off their lights when the clock ticks around to 8:30 p.m. local time, say Earth Hour organizers. "Earth Hour is one small way we can highlight our commitment to implementing solutions that save money, improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions".

The motto of this year's Earth Hour is to unite people from all walks of life, cap the growth of population, and maintain a protective shield for the Earth.

The tool allows customers to see their electricity use right down to the hour, compare their electricity use to similar homes nearby, to last year's usage, and to the average outside temperature.

The event is not aimed at demonstrably reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere - such an effort would require tens of millions of people to shut off lights for much longer than an hour. The camp, which started at 4 pm, featured booths which tackled climate adaptation and mitigation efforts such as native tree planting, renewable energy technologies, and disaster go-bag preparation.

ABC News says Twitter accounts were hacked, sent out profanity-filled messages
The social media accounts for ABC News, Good Morning America and GMA's GMA Pop News were all hacked, ABC confirmed on Thursday. Some of the tweets were in support of President Trump and one said that rapper Tyler the Creator died.

According to the WWF website, individuals, communities, organizations and landmarks in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories past year took part in the world's largest grassroots movement for environmental protection.

World Wide Fund for Nature is organising two events for Earth Hour 2017 namely Pedal for Planet and One Planet Cities Pedalathon (will be held in Chamundeshwari Stadium, Bengaluru).

When asked if Earth Hour connects with Carrboro's values, Zucchino said that if there's one place in the whole state he would predict an event like this to occur, it would be Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

MPs from all political parties are celebrating Earth Hour, sending a united message that this is a pivotal time for our planet and more needs to be done to tackle climate change and build a sustainable future. The campaign was first launched in 2007 in the Australian city of Sydney, when the lights were turned off all across the city including Sydney Opera House. We all need to act and do what we can to protect our planet from the impacts of climate change.