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Beauty and the Beast

30 March 2017

Disney's live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" has been arguably the most anticipated movie of 2017, and for good reason.

Emma Watson's performance as Belle was refreshing and empowering, a huge departure from the original portrayal of Belle.

Though, these details maybe don't seem critical, which is probably why they weren't in the first film to begin with, they do give you better insights to the characters. We have seen this film before, but with greater effect the first (animated) time around.

Josh Gad as the deliciously doofus attendant of Gaston known as LeFou, adds such talent and panache to the film as he waltzes through every scene with such incredible comic timing. And if it does, don't be surprised when you hear more news on the sequel.

While the 90's cartoon Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie as a child, I can be the first to admit that the storyline is problematic with the overwhelming themes of domestic violence. The film, starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Brie Larson, tells the story of a group of explorers on a mysterious island that proves to be the frightening domain of the mighty ape. Some people were very pleased to see Disney embracing today's social climate by adding this kind of diversity into their films, while others were concerned about how appropriate the introduction of homosexuality in a Disney movie might be for younger audiences. Leading to Lefou even dancing with another man at the very end, that some claim is a difference among the two films, in that he wasn't gay in the original.

Belle is also much more innovative in this version.

Visually, the film is spectacular, especially when viewed in the IMAX format. Although Beast was originally portrayed as someone who's shy and slow to read, the Beast in the live action film is a bookworm who excitedly shares the books he has read with Belle.

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Some huge things that made this recreated film work so well were first off, I felt that the actors/actresses seemed to be ideal for the rolls.

"Beauty and the Beast" attempted to do the same by showing Belle's mother and explaining why the Beast was such a brat, but both felt fleeting, like they were just tossed into the script.

"It was sort of the ideal marriage of everything that I've wanted to do", he says. The supporting characters urge her to fall in love with him, not giving her any other option.

Belle trades her own personal freedom to save her father from the mess he got himself into.

"Get Out" has made over $150 million in the box office worldwide, noted The Wrap. It seems to be more hard than it used to be for a movie to stay in the top spot for multiple weekends, though the March opening date for "Beauty and the Beast" likely gave it an advantage (despite the increasing competitiveness of the early spring months). She's a princess who cares more about brains than beauty, making her a role model for young girls everywhere. I think many can love and appreciate the original, and the remake as I know I sure do.

Despite millions of fans, the film had several critics.

Beauty and the Beast