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Douglas County ranked seventh healthiest county in Kansas in new report

30 March 2017

In Florida, the Rankings for 2017 show that St. John's County, located along the northeast Atlantic coast, ranks healthiest in state; while nearby Union County is the least healthy county.

The trends in the past three years showed that Queens was improving in the areas of premature deaths, violent crime, air pollution, diabetes monitoring and number of uninsured individuals.

The group reported obesity rates of 27 percent of adults in Erie County and 30 percent in Niagara County.

Curry, a fitness advocate, is co-chairing with physician Sunil Joshi "Mission One Million: The 904 in Motion", a campaign by the Duval County Medical Society to encourage Jacksonville residents to shed one million pounds over the next several years.

Among some of the more common measures of health status, 16 percent of adults in Erie and 18 percent in Niagara reported smoking cigarettes most days or every day, compared to 12 percent in Nassau and Westchester counties.

Raleigh, Nicholas, Monroe, Mingo, Mercer, Greenbrier and Fayette counties were also among the counties with worsening rates.

Drug overdoses are one reason premature deaths are on the rise across the nation after dropping for years.

"The environment in which we live, the physical environment and the social environment - they heavily affect how healthy a community is", Pezzino said.

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The findings were not surprising to public health officials in Baltimore who have sought for years to reduce disparities not only between the city and surrounding counties but between well off and disadvantaged neighborhoods within the city.

The county has the sixth longest life span and the 4,400 counts of premature deaths in Queens in the past year - those who die before the mean age of 75 - was below the state average of 5,300, the report showed.

Not much higher in the rankings were Fayette (No. 48), Raleigh (No. 45), Nicholas (No. 43) and Summers (No. 41) of the state's 55 counties.

Olmsted County ranked eighth in Health Outcomes and first in Health Factors for the fourth straight year.

"A better way to gauge a county's overall health is to look at specific measures over time".

According to the 2017 rankings, the five healthiest counties in Georgia, starting with most healthy, are Forsyth, Oconee, Fayette, Gwinnett and Cherokee counties. Mammography screening is also considered a strength, and both standards are part of the clinical care section, in which Madison County ranks 25th out of the 92 Hoosier counties.

Health factors was broken down into categories for health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors and physical environment. A decade ago, suburbs had the LOWEST rate of premature death. The rate in Wayne County was 15 percent and the rate in Orleans County was 24 percent.

This year's MaineHealth report, the seventh of its kind, indicates that Franklin County has one of the lowest rates of drug overdose deaths and a declining premature death rate. That latter percent is way above the 24 percent mark statewide.

Douglas County ranked seventh healthiest county in Kansas in new report