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Google Maps channels 'Ms. Pac-Man' for April Fools

01 April 2017

Google has made it a tradition of incorporating fun pranks into its products on April Fools. It will then evaluate the map and redesign it into a level from the game. Clicking her will darken your screen and transform the city streets you normally see into a maze based on a random location, complete with edible dots, power pellets and four ghosts. For example, search "do a barrel roll" and the screen will do a 360-degree turn, in honor of the classic Nintendo series Star Fox. We're not quite sure what the minimum is, but we imagine most of you will be able to load a game without issue. Let's hope Ms. Pac-Man can hang out a little longer.

In the bottom left-hand corner - where users are given the option to switch to satellite images - Google has added a button to launch Ms Pac-Man.

So now you can while the time away this weekend chasing Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. It's no stranger to embedding games as part of its Doodle program and elsewhere, from other versions of Pac-Man to a Halloween game, Starcraft and more.

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Pac-Man, the arcade game, was first released in May 1980.

If you want to take a crack and playing on a map showing the area you actually live in, you'll have to load up Google Maps on your web browser.