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April Kicks Off With Wintry Mix of Snow and Sleet

02 April 2017

Two to 4 inches of snow is expected by Saturday afternoon. For most of us here in the Connecticut River Valley and southern CT, it will be big rain storm. It will continue as rain through the evening before changing to snow by around midnight.

It's probably going to snow.

The harder it snows, the better chance we have of it accumulating.

Main Impact: Travel may become hard with snow covered and snow packed roads.

Mainly light mix of snow, sleet, and rain on Friday with little if any road issues given strong March sun angle, temperatures generally above 32F, and light rates of precipitation.

Some snow is likely in most areas, but the heaviest will be north and west of Route 495 and into New Hampshire and interior Maine.

Friday night and Saturday morning ski traffic will be impacted between Golden and Vail Pass.

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Motorists should still be cautious during their travels as heavy snow and rain will reduce visibility and will still make for slippery conditions.

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The first mostly sunny day will be on Thursday, when temperatures are expected to rise to about 63 degrees.

Thursday Night: Increasing clouds, but dry. In this event the valley locations around Hartford will just see rain as surface temperatures will be above freezing.

The Boston Metropolitan area points south and southeast saw a wet start with very little snow and ice, while those in north central and northeast interior MA points north and west began Saturday slippery with falling snow, sleet and freezing rain. Expect a poor evening commute.

The snow may mix with rain this afternoon, according to NWS. Rain near the coast, snow well inland.

Lower than normal temperatures were forecast throughout the day, with highs expected in the mid-30s in Greater Boston.

April Kicks Off With Wintry Mix of Snow and Sleet