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Daily recess wins approval in Senate but faces fight in House

07 April 2017

The Senate version of the bill this year still has to be approved by the Rules Committee, where it has been scheduled for a Thursday morning hearing.

State senators crafted the proposal together amid arguments over how much testing should be allowed in the state's public schools. Bill Galvano, would allow slot machines at dog and horse tracks in eight counties outside of South Florida.

This contentious issue has been disputed between the Seminoles and the state since 2015.

The Senate last month approved the bill, which shifts a key burden of proof from defendants to prosecutors in pre-trial hearings in stand your ground cases. Other special interests like private casinos and animal rights groups fall into House and Senate camps, pressuring the respective chamber leaders to dig their heels in.

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The proposal, sponsored by Rep. Neil Combee, R-Auburndale, would change what is now a second-degree misdemeanor charge - carrying a fine up to $500 and 60 days in jail - into a $25 noncriminal violation that can be paid to county clerks of court.

House Bill 303 grants students, parents and school officials wider protections when expressing their religious beliefs in public schools.

But the negotiation for the passage of a gambling bill in Florida is easier said than done amid heavy lobbying effort from those in the gambling industry. The House amended the bill significantly and sent it back to the Senate. But, key to that agreement was that the Seminoles would be able to offer live table games such as craps and roulette. Cloud, who chairs the tourism and gaming House subcommittee, is likewise standing firm on the House's version of a gambling bill, which he sponsored. On the other hand, House Representatives argued during their Tuesday meeting that the bill could have treated pari-mutuels more fairly.

Daily recess wins approval in Senate but faces fight in House