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Microsoft to officially reveal Project Scorpio at E3 2017

14 April 2017

We expect that the Redmond tech giant will launch the console in Holiday 2017. Today, Gamasutra revealed their exclusive coverage of the devkit, providing everyone with a lengthy Q&A with the man himself - Phil Spencer.

The device comes with a white top, which features physical buttons on the side, along with the Xbox sphere logo.

It also includes a real-time clock, a battery backup, an OLED screen on the front, and five programmable buttons, as before. It will also be able to play games and video in HDR.

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Interestingly, where the Project Scorpio dev kit differs from its predecessors is the fact that it's much more powerful than the final Project Scorpio that will release to the public. The technical specifications of the Xbox Project Scorpio have previously been revealed, but only to media outlet Digital Foundry, the biggest critic of the Xbox One. This allows developers to optimize titles for each Xbox console.

Aaron Greenberg, the boss of Xbox marketing, told Engadget that the Scorpio might be the last console generation because he thinks "the future is without console generations". Take a look at one image below, or take a look at the full gallery over at Gamasutra. "I'm not saying one is better than the other, but that space of a console, you just turn it on and it's always ready and it's really purpose-built to go do one thing first, which is play games". That's up to you. They kind of said okay, Switch is going to be a console that you can take with you. The system's graphics muscle and memory significantly exceed even that of the PS4 Pro, meaning that it should have no problem playing games in true 4K while also running your existing Xbox One games with better framerates and faster loading times.

The Xbox One and Xbox One S dev kits were almost identical to the retail versions, so there's a chance this is the design Microsoft has settled on. The Sony guys have been great, they've had our teams down, we've had them up to look at HoloLens and stuff that's been going on. Hopefully, we will get to see what the consumer version of Scorpio looks like during this year's E3.