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US general confident North Korean missile can be intercepted

16 April 2017

Instead of the usual condemnation of calling it a provocative act in violation of U.N. resolutions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said simply, "the United States has spoken enough about North Korea". North Korea sees the drills as an invasion rehearsal. The EU is calling on North Korea to re-engage in meaningful dialogue with the global community and cease its provocations. When conducting nuclear and missiles tests in recent years, it has cited what it calls increasing US military threats.

South Korea's foreign ministry also condemned the launch as a blunt challenge to a series of UN Security Council resolutions targeting North Korea's nuclear and missile programme.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The missile in North Korea's latest launch didn't fly very far, but it may have been the second test of a technology that worries experts.

Trump and Xi will hold their first face-to-face meeting on Thursday at the USA president's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida where the growing tensions on the Korean peninsula are expected to be high on the agenda.

European Union sanctions against North Korea date back to 2006 and are part of global efforts to halt a nuclear and ballistic missile programme which experts say is meant to give Pyongyang the capability to hit the USA mainland. Filled with liquid fuel, Scuds are harder to transport and prepare for launch than the more sophisticated solid-fuel rockets used by the U.S. and other nations. Or was the launch just part of its broader missile development programs, with outsiders reading too much from a routine weapons test?

On Wednesday, Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan, the latest in a string of missile tests.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul confirmed that the missile was launched from Sinpo, south Hamgyong province in eastern North Korea.

The command says it believes the missile was a KN-15 medium range ballistic missile.

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McMaster told Kim North Korea's nuclear and missile threats are to be discussed during the summit, according to the report.

His comments, in an interview with the Financial Times, were interpreted as an effort to up the pressure on Beijing ahead of a summit on Thursday and Friday.

"I've joked before that they don't mind being hated but they definitely hate to be ignored", Cossa said.

The launch came amid worries that North Korea might soon conduct banned nuclear or long-range rocket tests.

"Both sides agreed to pursue. plans in order to substantially strengthen the global community's sanctions and pressure on North Korea", South Korea's presidential Blue House said in a statement.

In his brief, nationally televised remarks, Abe said Trump had told him that all options were on the table regarding how to handle North Korea.

Defense sources reportedly said they expect the new missile to send a "strong warning message to North Korea", which has continued its provocations despite numerous worldwide restrictions prohibiting the regime from testing ballistic missiles. The success or failure of the test was not mentioned by either side on Wednesday.

The council said it would closely monitor developments in North Korea and "take further significant measures", without elaborating. "We need to balance the interest of each side".

US general confident North Korean missile can be intercepted