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Anne Hathaway Threw Her Son a Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party

18 April 2017

A failure as a journalist and as a picture of sobriety, Hathaway's Gloria is dumped by her boyfriend (Dan Stevens) and booted from their NYC apartment.

There she meets up with Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), a childhood friend now running a bar, where, of course, she becomes a regular. The giant creature in Seoul, Korea which mimics Gloria harks to the Native American Indian assertion that not a leaf trembles without being connected to a mighty far-off occurrence. Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is an alcoholic party girl just sort of going through a lot. It did mine, for a while, until it didn't.

The 34-year-old recently opened up about how she and husband Adam Shulman threw their son a rainbow-themed party for his first birthday. In this comedy, Hathaway's character is imbued with a most unusual ability: If she wanders through a playground near her home, she can conjure up a skyscraper-sized monster in Seoul that will mirror all of her movements. "That happened to me a couple times where I started a song and kind of had to cut it off really fast because it's so inappropriate".

"I would like to encourage you, if you're the boss of a pregnant person, don't be afraid", she said. I like to see that kind of stuff when you go to the movies. I love that if you just want to go and have an entertaining time at the movies, it's a really entertaining monster movie, and if you want to unpack it, go deeper and think, there are so many metaphors in it.

Vigalondo doesn't think Colossal has one single meaning.

World´s oldest person, Emma Morano, dies at 117
The oldest person in the world - who was also the last person alive that had been born in the 19th century - has died in Italy. In addition to enjoying the single life, Morano didn't fuss with keeping a complicated diet to lengthen her time on earth.

While it might be unusual to describe an Oscar-winning, well-compensated actress as underrated, I'd argue that the pop-cultural target on Hathaway's back has kept her skilled, always-committed performances from getting their due, though that may be about to change. That said, we're glad that she's moved on from all the drama, but the period of Hathaway hate remains as an ugly reminder that society still has a great deal of work to do when it comes to the way we view women in the workplace, regardless of industry.

Colossal is not a film that is easy to explain.

"Colossal" sadly has two halves that just don't add up, resulting in a film with too many of its own issues to overcome. It proves character pieces and monster movies can inhabit the same universe, offering one genre interesting insights into the other. But I do appreciate the things that you say. "I felt like I had broken a seal in inviting people into my life". The actress also grounds the absurdity in solemnity as she emotionally elaborates on how her movements can have very dire and disastrous effects.

Good for you, Anne!

Anne Hathaway Threw Her Son a Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party