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NYC Will Require Uber App To Allow Tipping (Eventually)

18 April 2017

Ride sharing service Uber is under new pressure in New York City to add in-app tipping.

Uber passengers always have the option to leave a cash tip, but many choose not to because they don't have cash on them or simply because they aren't encouraged to.

A petition created by the Independent Drivers Guild has gained 11,000 signatures in favor of electronic tipping as they strongly feel it will help drivers make a living wage. The proposal could be aimed at Uber, which has so far been wary of introducing just such a feature to its mobile platform.

Uber said in a statement that it looks forward to reviewing the TLC's proposal.

This induces some guilt, because everything points toward the fact that Uber has been able to get me such cheap rides around town partly through aggressively screwing over drivers.

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"Allowing riders to tip is an important first step to helping drivers increase their earning potential", Tavares said. This varies by city. Do you think it's important for Uber and other ride-hailing services to offer a way for users to tip with their credit cards?

"We have zero tolerance for any impaired driving", she said, citing Uber's "community guidelines", which state that any driver found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job will be "permanently deactivated" from the network.

In a blog by its policy team a year ago, Uber said it considered building a tipping option into the app but ultimately decided against it "because we felt it would be better for riders and drivers to know for sure what they would pay or earn on each trip - without the uncertainty of tipping". Or, another way of looking at it: since its inception, Uber has refused to do right by its drivers and allow for tipping within its app. Regardless if they are in a yellow taxi or an FHV, TLC-licensed drivers should, at a minimum, know what they are paid and how their pay is calculated. The taxi commission plans to propose its rules on tipping by July, a spokeswoman told Quartz. Last year, it agreed to give tacit approval for drivers to seek tips as part of a legal settlement-while also distributing academic research arguing that customs surrounding tipping were arbitrary at best and discriminatory at worst.

While Uber settled in April of previous year, in order for drivers to remain independent contractors, the company was forced to pay out $84 million to the approximately 385,000 drivers represented in the suit. "Of course, if you want to tip your driver-we estimate riders offer tips on only a very small number of trips-you're free to do so, and drivers are free to accept". While digital tipping has yet to go mainstream outside of cafes and taxis, American consumers are more likely to touch-type a tip if the staff member is standing (or sitting) expectantly nearby.

NYC Will Require Uber App To Allow Tipping (Eventually)