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The Obamas yachting with Springsteen, Oprah and Tom Hanks

19 April 2017

Off the coast of Tahiti, they did an island-hopping tour of French Polynesia, which included stops at Vanilla Island and Le Taha'a Island. She was seen wearing a pair of white shorts and a black tank top while husband Obama is wearing a white sailor-style pants, blue T -shirt and black sunglasses.

Barack was seen getting a holiday snap of Michelle as she posed on the top deck of the yacht where the couple spent Easter with friends off Mo'orea Island in the South Pacific.

Oprah stood out in a bright yellow day dress.

In a new photo, if you look closely, you can see that after being president of the United States for eight years, Barack has graduated to being the ultimate Instagram husband.

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The Hollywood actor and the rock musician are also connected with Geffen, the American billionaire who is well known to host famous celebrities on his $300 million superyacht.

Barack also awarded Hanks and Springsteen the Presidential Medal of Freedom past year.

Oprah Winfrey - a longtime friend of Geffen's and of the Obamas - was also reported to have joined the group. The yacht the celebrities were spotted was built for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and bought by Geffen in 2010.

While the producer is ordinarily keen to share Instagram photographs of what famous guests he has on board, he was quiet during the Obamas' visit on Friday. It coincides beautifully with the Obamas tropical sojourn there. During this time, the Obamas were at a nearby exclusive resort: The Brando, on the private island of Tetiaroa. It came after a whirlwind trip around the Caribbean in January where the couple spent time with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island. According to Vulture, Barack is working on his White House memoir, while Michelle readies a book project of her own.

The Obamas yachting with Springsteen, Oprah and Tom Hanks