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Apple to replace iPad 4th gen with iPad Air 2

20 April 2017

The reason for the above is simple; Apple is running out of stock of the iPad 4.

Although the intention is quite clear - to sell off iPad as much as possible since iPad Pro 2 is set to launch soon - buyers are quick to buy off the iPad 4 units. If the iPad is not functioning the way it should have been, then taking it to the Apple authorized fix center for a servicing might end up in coming home with an Apple iPad Air 2 instead of the Apple iPad 4. It seems that for a while the iPad Air 2 will be the tablet of those who have problems with the new iPad, something that is far less normal when speaking of a large company of such as Apple. The lack of stock of these units forces the Cupertino firm to supply old iPad Air 2 of 2014 in case of the breakdowns of the new iPad 4.

Apple is doing this because the company has no stock left of the ageing and now discontinued fourth generation iPad, 9to5Mac website reported on Saturday.

However, in the case of the iPads, 9To5Mac pointed out that Apple retail stores and service centers do not normally fix them so unit replacements are frequently in order.

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To begin with, the iPad Air 2 has double the capacity of random access memory at 2 GB. At the time of replacement, users may receive a slight upgrade in storage.

If you take your fourth-generation iPad into Apple for a fix, the company may replace your tablet with a newer iPad Air 2 instead. For a start, the processor is way better than the 4th generation iPad.

Meanwhile, it has only been weeks that Apple had discontinued the iPad Air 2 and launched in its place a new tablet that is simply known as the iPad.

Apple charges $299 for repairing your screen or for other repairs on the iPad 4 that are out of warranty. The fact of the matter is that Apple usually offers support for its devices for around 5 years after discontinuing them. Assuming nothing changes, Apple can be expected to fix, support, and replace (as needed) 4th generation iPad models up through at least around the end of 2019.

Apple to replace iPad 4th gen with iPad Air 2