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You can now browse Instagram even when you're offline

20 April 2017

At Facebook F8 Conference, Hendri, Software Engineer at Instagram announced its new offline mode features and explained how they implemented it. Users of Instagram can browse the images, visit profiles even in offline mode. Instagram on Android is getting (already has?) an offline mode. They will also be able to like posts, leave comments, save media or unfollow people. It may be because you're in a rush, or because the idyllic scenery you're shooting is so remote there isn't a data connection.

Facebook's developing world app Facebook Lite shot to 200 million users in just a year, proving the big opportunity Instagram could seize by allowing users to enjoys the app even in isolation. Or you know, maybe you'll go camping one day and need to get in some fresh, fresh likes.

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The policy change was announced internally on April 14, the Associated Press reported . Cellphone video of the incident sparked widespread outrage aimed at United.

Instagram reached a milestone last December when it clocked 600 million monthly active users on its platform. When a data connection is re-established, the actions made will be uploaded to Instagram's servers. The Google Search app on Android queues up searches when you don't have a connection, and automatically alerts you with results when a connection comes back online. The company is now working on "Offline" mode for iOS devices. The profiles you viewed before will also be visible when you're offline, as well as old versions of the Explore tab or your own profile. We can expect this Instagram feature to be rolled out soon as Snapchat supports the same.

Instagram, the picture-focused network of food photographers and budding models, recently learned a new trick: The ability to work offline.

You can now browse Instagram even when you're offline