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FCC chairman expected to unveil strategy to reverse net neutrality

26 April 2017

As such, the net neutrality rules favor the consumers but not the big businesses involved in the internet industry.

Pai will begin the process to scrap the Obama-era net neutrality rules and may articulate a replacement, Recode reported.

Pai did not give a specific date but said it will be for Class C and D stations, and the necessary IT work is being done now and it's going well. Public Knowledge urges President Trump to honor his campaign promises to put Americans before monopolies by preserving net neutrality rules as he nears the end of his first 100 days. From dismantling online privacy protections to enabling broadband and cable monopolies to continue overcharging consumers about $50 a month, every action Chairman Pai has taken has been in the name of industry consolidation, giving these monopolies new opportunities to raise prices and discriminate against competitors.

An initial vote could be held as early as May 18, at a scheduled meeting of the commission.

Opponents of the FCC's regulation also argue that the 2015 decision to classify ISPs as "common carriers" similar to telephone companies violates the FCC's congressional charter and has deterred ISPs from upgrading their networks for fear of direct price regulation by the agency. And he has floated the idea privately to various companies and groups that could be affected by that change in policy.

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The FCC declined to comment for this story.

They are preaching to the choir given that Pai has also been highly critical of the general conduct standard, but they are concerned about getting it off the books so it is not a tool for a different administration that might view it differently, like the Democratic Wheeler FCC that voted to impose it-Pai and his Republican colleague, Michael O'Rielly, voted against it.

Pai told Reuters last Thursday he had been meeting with Internet companies and trade groups to discuss safeguarding an open Internet.

Under FTC-style enforcement, the FCC or the FTC would not set any industrywide net neutrality rules, instead depending on broadband providers' pledges to avoid blocking or slowing web traffic.

For the moment, though, there's no net-neutrality development to rally around, and won't be until there's an actual FCC proposal up for debate.

FCC chairman expected to unveil strategy to reverse net neutrality