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Meteor Shower peaks Friday night, Saturday morning

06 May 2017

When is the meteor shower?

Be sure to get up early and turn your gaze skyward this weekend. The peak of the Eta Aquariid meteor shower is expected the grace the skies over night on Saturday. The Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory will open to give people a fantastic view of the meteor shower.

For most observers, the eta Aquariids are only visible during the last couple of hours before the start of morning twilight.

The flash may be a part of the current Aquarid meteor shower that's expected to peak Friday and Saturday, the National Weather Service told NBC4.

Every year for almost a month, from late April to late May, the Eta Aquarid meteor showers are visible from Earth. All the meteors Tupman sighted appeared to emanate from the constellation of Aquarius.

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The meteor shower will make a second appearance in October during the Orionid meteor shower.

This year, the shower will peak on the evening of May 5.

Meanwhile, sky watchers living in the Southern Hemisphere are the luckiest of all, as they will get to see the radiance of the meteor shower in the north. It's in the southern sky if you're in the northern hemisphere, and in the northern sky if you're in the southern hemisphere. Look to the southern horizon.

According to the American Meteor Society, "From the equator to 25S they can produce rates of 40-60 per hour just before dawn at maximum". Experts anticipate that viewers of this celestial show will be able to see as many as 30 meteors an hour streak in the sky. Those in Perth and the Outback will have the best view. This will ensure a full panorama of the horizon and will also prevent you from having a sore neck.

Earth's path is crossing the ancient trail of one of man's most recognized comets, colliding with specks of its cosmic dust that fall like fireflies through our darkened skies. Still, take an hour or so off for watching the show. When the shower reaches its zenith, the moon should have already set.

Meteor Shower peaks Friday night, Saturday morning