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'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing

06 May 2017

A politician claims he laughed so hard at a new episode of "Veep", he choked on his dinner and fell face-first into a cabinet - knocking himself out and opening a nasty gash under his eye.

Federal Labor MP Graham Perrett, who represents Moreton in Queensland, was left with a black eye and three stitches as a result of the mishap - and was comforted by stars of the TV show on Twitter when he displayed his injuries.

Perrett later told BuzzFeed News the scene that induced the laughter that led to choking was one in the first episode of the new season in which Congressman Jonah Ryan is caught shaving his head to fake having cancer. "But the real question is - what episode?", she wrote.

That's what Australian politician Graham Perrett learned after nearly laughing himself to death while watching Veep.

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The star of the show, Julie Louis Dreyfuss, who plays Vice President - and later President - Selina Meyer, responded to the news in classic VEEP style.

Mr Perrett responded to confirm it happened, adding: "Pure gold, your highness!"

Responding to reports of the accident, co-star Timothy Simons tweeted: 'Hahahahahahaha oh my god, oh my god'. "We would like to apologize to Australia, our key ally in the Asia-Pacific region, for writing something that would cause bodily harm to your people".

Perrett said after all the entertainment "Veep" had provided him, he was glad to give some amusement back to its makers. (He seems to have been behind; it turns out he wasn't watching Sunday's incisively flawless episode, in which Selina Meyer meddles in an election between two corrupt potential leaders in Georgia in order to seal funding for her running joke of a Presidential Library.) "I started choking and I kind of stumbled forward and knocked my head on the corner of the kitchen cabinet", Perrett told BuzzFeed News. "Some rice went down my airway and I started coughing and choking and laughing at the same time", Perrett told BBC Radio 5 Live this week.

'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing