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Donald Trump, Not a Popular President or Baby Name

16 May 2017

The popularity of the name "Donald" for baby boys in the United States fell from 2015 to 2016. This marks the fourth year at number one for Noah and the third for Emma. It was followed by Olivia, Ava, Sophia and Isabella.

Right behind Noah is Liam, William, Mason and James.

Actor Emma Watson has the most popular girl's name of 2016.

Each year, the list reveals the effect of pop-culture on naming trends. For girls, it was Kehlani, as in Kehlani Parrish, a singer and songwriter nominated for a Grammy in 2016. The agency first started creating the baby name list in 1997, with names dating back to 1880. Kylo Ren, a character introduced in the 2015 film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", is (spoiler!) the troubled son of Princess Leia and Han Solo who leans toward the Dark Side of the Force to emulate his grandfather Darth Vader.

Meanwhile, names such as Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelynn and Kaitlynn were among the fastest dropping names, according to the Associated Press. While it's hard to believe there isn't a certain amount of transphobia behind this sudden drop, Laura Wattenburg, the founder of, claims the fall is not a result of prejudice, but an attempt to steer clear of controversy.

Trump to meet Russian foreign minister Lavrov on Wednesday - senior U.S. official
Lavrov was conveying a Russian plan to end the violence, after hashing out an agreement with Iran and Turkey last week. The stigma of the Russian Federation investigations has been impossible for Mr Trump to shake.

The drop comes a year after Caitlyn Jenner announced her new name and gender.

"It was inevitable. Caitlyn was already falling in popularity".

In 1950, only five percent of US parents chose a name for their baby that wasn't in the top 1,000 names By 2012 it was up to 27 percent. "Now it is suddenly controversial", she said.

The name Kehlani rose to number 872 from number 3,359 in 2015, while the name Kylo rose to number 902 from number 3,269 in 2015.

Donald Trump, Not a Popular President or Baby Name