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Lack of sleep makes you ugly, new research shows

20 May 2017

The scientists studied 25 Swedish students - 14 women, 11 men - aged 18 to 47 years old, who had their photos taken after two consecutive nights of poor sleep - just 4.25 hours - and after two consecutive nights of normal sleep - about 7.5 hours.

According to reports, researchers then took make-up free images of each of the participants after both the good and bad sleep sessions before asking more than 100 strangers - all from Stockholm - to rate the images on attractiveness, health, sleepiness and trustworthiness. They also thought the exhausted subjects to be less attractive, less healthy and more sleepy compared to when they had enough sleep. "An unhealthy-looking face, whether due to sleep deprivation or otherwise, might activate disease-avoiding mechanisms in others", they wrote. However, researchers tell people they shouldn't worry too much about this. People were rated by strangers as less healthy and approachable when they had exhausted faces.

Those who have restricted sleep are less attractive to others, says a new study.

The team, lead by Dr Tina Sundelin, found that strangers were good at assessing how exhausted a person was, and that they rated the sleepy set of photographs as less attractive than the photos of the same people when they were well-rested. "A couple of participants were even rated as more attractive after sleep restriction".

Dr Sundelin said: "These are notable differences and, as such, fair arguments for prioritising a good night's sleep and using other methods to reduce a sleepy appearance before interacting with people". Strangers were also less likely to want to socialise with that person. These are small tweaks, but they can help you nab more sleep and change how the world perceives you.

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But sometimes we forget just how important sleep truly is, and need a little nudge from a different direction.

'We want our partners to be attractive and energetic.

It's good to know you've got options if you've had a few rough nights, but Sundelin still encourages you to prioritize getting more sleep.

Furthermore, the study found that people's willingness to socialize with sleep-deprived people was only 2.1 percent less than their willingness to do so with fully rested people.

Lack of sleep makes you ugly, new research shows