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PlayStation 3 production comes to an end

01 June 2017

Sony's official Japanese website confirms that the company would no longer ship PS3 units to Japanese retailers, signifying an end to over a decade of the console's rather successful run across the globe. Called the PS4 update 4.50, it introduced several enhancements and greater functionality such as the introduction of USB storage device compatibility. But, there's usually at least five or six titles every month, so gamers still need to wait for the complete list of the PlayStation Plus June 2017 lineup, Daily Star reported. The launch also saw Sony playing catch up to Microsoft's Xbox 360, which released a year prior on November 22, 2005.

The PS3 launched in Japan (and the United States and other markets) in November 2006.

Some of May 2017 games lineup titles are still available for all the fans on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Are there any games coming for free you are excited to play?

"The past two updates have caused havoc with my ps4".

There have been some suggestions that PlayStation Plus could include PlayStation VR games at some stage in the future.

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Floor plans for this year's E3 have gone live and it appears that Sony is going to be the largest presence this year with 43,500 square feet of floor space reserved.

Some people also complained on Sony's support forum about the "error code SU-30625-6" to bring the matter to the company's attention.

According to a photo published on Reddit, Sony would soon market a new color of its console, the PlayStation 4 Slim Gold Edition. As the PS3 is not selling how it used to, and is now negatively affecting Sony's bottom line, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that shipments have come to an end in Japan.

One fact, which has not been highlighted in the official change log, is that Sony has changed the iconography for the device, as pointed out by Polygon. It's the fastest 60 million made by a PlayStation system yet-including the all-time sales record holding PlayStation 2 (over 155 million units sold).

PlayStation 3 production comes to an end