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Sphero Storytelling Spider-Man Toy

18 June 2017

In a way, it feels as though the Sphero Spider-Man is a little like an extension of the Force Band released for Star Wars' remote control BB-8 previous year, which not only allowed people to control the Sphero BB-8 with gestures, but also acted as a walk-around augmented reality game, much like Pokemon Go except with Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and a physical controller.

At the end of Insomniac's gameplay trailer for Spider-Man, we got a glimpse at a special someone taking pictures of the hero.

The toy can be controlled using the iOS and Android companion app though users will mostly interact with the toy using voice commands.

Simply put: PS4 Spider-Man would mop the floor with MCU Spider-Man.

Even though he's a superhero, this Spider-Man has a decidedly Funko-like figure (giant head, squat physique) and a rubberized body.

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The toy also comes with LCD eyes, which lets Spider-Man be a bit more expressive.

Pricing of that 680 gram Sphero Spider-Man chimes in at $250 locally, with availability at EB Games, Zing, and Apple Stores in the coming days. And while it will draw inspiration from decades of comic book storylines and characters, the game is its own self-contained Spider-Man universe, right down to the unique, white-highlighted suit that Peter Parker wears. In the game next to the story, you will also be saving people, which is important to complete a mission properly.

When I connected the app to Spider-Man (you just hold the phone near Spider-Man), he immediately used my name and asked me if I was royal by birth. Instead of moving parts, you'll be the one bringing him around, exploring the world with a fairly sizeable 680 gram toy.

There's no camera, but Spider-Man can use its infrared motion sensor to detect movement, In sentry mode, which you activate by double-pressing the logo button and saying "Activate guard mode", Spider-Man says things like, "Freeze, knucklehead, you're not allowed in here". Sphero's new main strategy appears to strike license deals with major movie franchises and sell high-end interactive toys. He's only listening when the spider on his chest lights up, and conversations are never retained or shared.

If you weren't already hyped about the first Spidey game for four years, you really should be.