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'Venom,' Other Spider-Man Spin-Offs Set in 'Homecoming' Universe

21 June 2017

It was also previously announced by Sony that the three projects in question are to be a part of a standalone universe unrelated to Marvel, with Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts backing this up by saying, "It's not connected to the Marvel world".

The last few Spider-Man: Homecoming posters haven't exactly been great, and by that I mean they've been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, it does indicate that considerable future plans are being scheduled for Holland's hero, and that straddling two distinct movie universes may yet be a task he's asked to fulfill. Ever since their landmark deal to allow Peter Parker to enter the MCU, the exact specifics of what exactly that would involve have been hazy at best, with each studio refusing to clarify it.

The interviewer pressed further about whether or not that meant Homecoming star Tom Holland could make an appearance in Sony's films, to which Pascal simply said, "There's a chance... there's always a chance". If that's still complicated, then think about it in "movie studio" terms - Marvel Studios already has their movies and characters lined up, and Sony wants to get in on that in what little ways they can.

Plus, with their recent deal with Sony that allowed them to add Spider-Man to the mix, there's also been talk over if and when they'll be able to acquire some of the other hot properties that now reside with other studios.

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For now, we'll just have to wait to see whether Venom indeed creeps into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and anxiously await more details on the highly anticipated film! Both companies are getting benefits from their business agreement, with Marvel being able to play with one, if not their most popular superhero, while Sony gets to be a part of the massive MCU. She doesn't specifically say anything about the MCU, but in a recent interview, the producer noted that it's all taking pace "in the same world". Homecoming is definitely part of the MCU, with Tony Stark playing a prominent role in the film and the plot fitting neatly into the existing MCU lore.

In just over two weeks, on July 7 to be exact, we are finally going to get to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, which fans have very high hopes for.

Insomniac also revealed that Spider-Man PS4 will feature first-person view, though it won't be switchable at will.

'Venom,' Other Spider-Man Spin-Offs Set in 'Homecoming' Universe