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UK PM pledges 'humility and resolve' ahead of Queen's Speech

22 June 2017

The nine-minute speech the queen delivered Wednesday reflected Prime Minister Theresa May's weakened position - a loss of stature that has emboldened those within her own party who want a "softer" Brexit that makes a less-sharp break with the EU.

She said: "Whilst our top priority right now is supporting the victims of the bad tragedy at Grenfell tower, we also need to look ahead by setting out a legislative programme that not only delivers a successful European Union exit but also a domestic agenda which aims to tackle the social injustices in our country".

The Queen's Speech is expected to include legislation around reducing tenancy fees and energy prices, the Times has reported.

According to The Telegraph, the 2017 speech will last the whole two years so that the amount of turbulence with the Brexit and DUP negotiations is reduced.

This year's speech was delayed in the aftermath of the general election result which saw the Conservatives lose their parliamentary majority, forcing them to enter talks with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to help prop up a minority government.

"First, we need to get Brexit right".

Sources from within the government say that that the decision was planned before the election, and would ensure that Brexit would not be disrupted by new legislation.

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After facing intense pressure to soften her Brexit plans since the election, May promised to consult widely.

Last night DUP unnamed sources warned that the Party can not be "taken for granted", the BBC report said.

Speaking at Westminster, she called for another snap election to oust the Tories from power.

The extent of May's diminished status will be visible both inside and outside parliament.

Amid reports that opposition parties will try to bring down Mrs May with a series of targeted amendments to the Queen's Speech, the PM said she was still pushing for an alignment with the DUP. Hundreds of people were due to attend.

The speech is actually written by the government; it is just delivered by the Queen.

Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats all called on Mrs May to use the Queen's Speech to change course, to end austerity and soften her approach to Brexit, but the PM made clear that under her government the country would continue to live within its means and that she would honour the result of the 2016 European Union referendum. The government set out details of this "Great Repeal Bill" in March. Additional bills on housing and transport policy are anticipated.

UK PM pledges 'humility and resolve' ahead of Queen's Speech