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Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice Has Died

14 July 2017

"My Condolences goes out to the family [of] Chris Wong Won Fresh Kid Ice of the 2 Live Crew, who passed away this morning".

Christopher "Fresh Kid Ice" Wong Won, a founding member of rap group 2 Live Crew, died Thursday, according to his agent.

Ice, whose real name was Chris Wong Won, had previously suffered two strokes, one in 2008 and the other in 2010. After they released the "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" album, it was the first to be labeled legally obscene by the government.

The Supreme Court ruled in favour with 2 Live Crew in 1992 but the case led to parental advisory labels on album covers.

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Won and Campbell made headlines after their June 1990 arrest in Hollywood after a performance at the Futura Club.

The group 2 Live Crew, which he formed alongside Mr. Mixx and Amazing Vee, is known for explicit hits including "Me So Horny", "What I Like" and "Throw the D". After their 1988 album Move Somethin', Fresh Kid Ice was in a debilitating vehicle accident that injured his brachial plexus and prevented him from moving his left arm.

Fresh Kid Ice spent time in the armed forces before getting into music. The group released their eighth and last studio album in 1998. He discovered the rapper Flo Rida. "We lost a legend", Uncle Luke wrote. Fresh Kid Ice later released solo album, The Chinaman, on Effect Records, the record widely acclaimed for being the first Hip-Hop album embracing having an Asian heritage. (An Asian rapper) has to just come along and do it big'. However, he retaught himself how to talk and walk before reuniting with Uncle Luke and Brother Marquis in 2012.

Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice Has Died