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New information on Delphi murder case to be released Monday

17 July 2017

Authorities in IN released new information Monday on a suspect in the murders of two teenage girls who went for a hike in February.

According to our sister station WTHR, Indiana State police will be giving an update on their current investigation.

After they didn't return to be picked up by family members, police searched through the night for 14-year-old Libby and 13-year-old Abby.

State police say they will release new evidence on the main suspect in the killing of two northern in girls in February. Their bodies were found the next day in a nearby wooded area. His eye color is unknown, police said. They also released audio of a male saying 'down the hill'. No arrests have been made in the slayings and authorities have not disclosed the cause and manner of the girls' deaths.

The sketch depicts a hat, but police say it might not be accurate.

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The Carroll County Sheriff's Department, FBI, Delphi Police Department and the Indiana State Police are asking the public to help identify the person depicted in the composite sketch, which isbased on information recived during the course of the investigation.

The reward for information leading to the arrest of their killer has grown to over $230,000 since February. That evidence came from Liberty German's cellphone.

In late February, police had released two grainy images of a man they consider the main suspect.

Anyone with information may call the tip line at 844-459-5786 and may remain anonymous.

New information on Delphi murder case to be released Monday