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No legal bar in having separate flag for Karnataka: CM

20 July 2017

The Karnataka government has constituted a nine-member committee to see if the state can have its own flag.

According to a report, the BJP government in 2012 had clarified that a separate flag would go against the unity and integrity of the country. More so as the Kannada flag has been in use across the state by Kannada centric organisations and first emerged in the 1960's Kannada movement.

Chief minister Siddaramaiah is caught in a fix between Kannada activists and the Congress party after appointing a committee to look into the legalities of whether the state can have a flag or not.

The Committee is headed by Kannada and Culture Department Principal Secretary. To a query, he sought to know whether there is any specific provision in the Constitution that prohibits the State from having its own flag. However, the state flag must fly at a lower height than the national flag.

Home ministry officials explained Karnataka already had a flag representing only the "people and not the government".

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Asked if there was anything in the constitution that barred a state from having a flag, Jayachandra said there was no mention about states in the three Acts.

In the 1960s, when Karnataka had erupted into protests against anti-Kannada movies, the flag was used by a party, Kannada Paksha, as its own symbol. "The Government will take a call on its next step of action only after the panel submits its report", he said. Let them make a statement that they do not want a flag for Karnataka.

Jammu and Kashmir, the only state to have an official flag, enjoys special status under the Article 370 of the Constitution. Does any other state in the nation have an official state flag? Siddaramaiah is banking on the surmise that the judiciary would uphold the right to have its own flag so long as the supremacy of the national flag is not violated which in effect would mean that it must be flown lower than the national tricolour. The JD (S) in Karnataka said that the state government is creating this issue to divert attention of some recent controversies.

While Yeddyurappa accused the CM of playing to pro-Kannada groups to gain votes for the 2018 assembly polls, Siddaramaiah says the BJP too is ambiguous about its stand as they too do not want to upset their vote banks.

No legal bar in having separate flag for Karnataka: CM